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Carbon Neutral Nottingham

Carbon Neutral Nottingham

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Get involved

Are you ready to save the planet?

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We’re working to make Nottingham the first carbon neutral city in the UK

To do that, we need everyone to get involved – are you ready to save the planet? 

Our Earth’s climate is changing. Lots of things impact this, but human activities are causing our planet’s temperature to get hotter quicker.  

Nottingham has a plan to become a more environmentally friendly city. Have a look at the themes below to find out what we’re doing, why it’s important, and what you can do to help. 


Improving the energy efficiency of buildings in Nottingham

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Switching to renewable energy sources

What's our plan?


Supporting active travel and public transport

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Reducing, reusing and recycling waste in the city

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Minimising the impact of things we buy and consume

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Protecting this valuable resource

What can we do?

Removing carbon

Finding ways to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere

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Preparing for change

Helping people adapt to the impacts

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Protecting natural habitats in the city

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