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Removing carbon

Why it matters

We will not be able to remove every molecule of greenhouse gases from our atmosphere. Therefore, while our focus is firmly on reducing the amount of carbon dioxide emissions created in Nottingham to as close to zero as possible, we are also looking at other ways of removing CO2 from the atmosphere. This is called ‘carbon sequestration’, which includes tactics known as ‘offsetting’, ‘carbon capture’, and ‘carbon storage’.

What we’re doing

The City Council has planted over 30,000 trees since 2019, with 11,000 scheduled to be planted in 2022/23 working towards a total of 50,000 by 2023. Planting trees ‘offsets’ carbon emissions as trees are consumers of carbon dioxide as part of photosynthesis and store it in their structures. As the trees grow, they use more carbon and produce oxygen which animals need to breathe.

We have planted several Tiny Forests and worked in partnership with the National Trust to plant blossom trees in our parks and greenspaces. We’ve also helped residents plant trees in their gardens through the Big Tree Giveaway where over 1,000 trees were given away for free each year.

We are using ‘Streets For People’ funding from the UK Government to remove stumps and plant more trees across the city.

Carbon capture is a very new science – it aims to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. The City Council is working with local universities to explore how this can be achieved through processes such as creation of natural habitats and, excitingly, using our caves as potential sites for carbon storage!

What can you do?