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Why it matters 

Every time we turn on the television, run the hot water tap, or use the central heating, energy is used.  

Most of the energy we use in Nottingham comes from the National Grid. While the grid is decarbonising by switching to renewable sources, like solar panels and wind farms, the majority of this energy is still generated by burning fossil fuels (gas or coal). 

We need to increase the number of renewable energy sources we have in Nottingham, but making changes to how you use energy can help reduce your bills and carbon footprint. 

What we’re doing 

Nottingham has been active in helping to decarbonise electricity. It is estimated around a fifth of all local energy demand is provided from local low-carbon energy sources.  Over 6,200 solar panel installations have already been installed across the city, covering both domestic and commercial properties.  

The City Council will continue to develop its ability to generate energy from renewable sources and are exploring energy from waste, wind, sewage, water, land, and movement as possible future sources. 

We are also developing battery energy storage projects. Batteries are used to store energy generated from renewable sources so that it can be used at the right time. These can also be used to help balance the grid by exporting stored energy when demand is high. 

What can you do? 

  • Switch to a green or renewable energy tariff is a simple way to reduce your reliance on grid electric produced by fossil fuels 
  • Use a pan lid when cooking 
  • Check your house for appliances on standby and turn of and unplug electricals that aren’t in use 
  • Install your own renewable energy source on your home, for example solar panels