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Did you know more than 30% of Nottingham is green space?

Why it matters

Biodiversity and climate change are closely related. Seasonality and the distribution of wildlife are affected by changes in temperatures and rainfall, so protecting nature helps protect against the impacts of climate change and adapt to future changes in climate. The loss of habitats caused by human activities can also increase the amount of carbon in the environment – an example of this is deforestation.  

More than 30% of Nottingham is green space. Natural areas provide habitats for animals and insects. These areas store carbon in soils and plants, absorb carbon from the atmosphere, provide food and water, and help to reduce flooding. Trees also provide a range of benefits including shade to keep us cool when it’s hot, reducing flash flooding, and helping to keep soil healthy.  

All these benefits from nature add to our resilience against impacts of climate change.  

Connecting with nature can also improve our health and wellbeing and can let us appreciate our natural environment. 

What we’re doing 

We are implementing a Biodiversity Supplementary Planning Document and protection in the Local Plan – including the establishment of green roofs and Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems. We are protecting and enhancing Local Nature Reserves, Sites of Special Scientific Interest, and Local Wildlife Sites. We carry out tree planting and bee-friendly planting schemes across the city. 

What can you do?